How To Get Your Small Business Jump-Started With A Short-Term Loan

Do you have an idea or a skilled trade that you know you can use to run a small business? Once you become a small business owner, you can build your own customer base, work your own hours, set your own company rules and have your own marketing strategy. But the tricky part of starting a small business is having the capital available to do it because along with the regular day-to-day costs that come with doing business, there will be other costs you'll face with your business such as the following:

  • advertising
  • accounting and tax
  • insurance
  • payroll if you start hiring more employees
  • licensing and certification when applicable

One thing you have to have when you first open a small business is a budget so that you know the limits of what you can do with the cash you have on hand. But usually what you'll need is a short term loan that can give you some extra cash to get started with, and as long as you generate enough business at the start, you can pay off that loan and have more incoming capital to work with.

Who Can You Get A Short-Term Small Business Loan From?

The most daunting task for those with aspirations of starting a business can be finding a lender willing to take on the risk of lending to an upstart business. There are always more options than you think for getting a loan, but some aren't as well-known as others. And with some loans, you may need the assistance of a third party to obtain them. But there are also short-term loans that have very few requirements.

1. Bank Loans

Probably the most common but also the most unpopular way to get a loan is through the bank. You probably already feel discouraged from doing this just because you know that you'll be faced with things such as thick paperwork, a request to see your business records, credit checks and other things. But you can get small business bank loans if you look into the Small Business Administration and find out about the kinds of loans that they back, and how to get them at the bank. You can also get better loan options by going to locally-owned small town banks or credit unions. These places usually offer SBA-backed loans and also are more willing to work with new business owners just starting out.

2. Online Lenders

Online, you can find a little more variety for short-term small business loans and in some cases acquire them more easily than bank loans. Online loans could be peer-to-peer loans, merchant cash advances though they aren't technically loans, and payday lenders or variations of them who cater to small businesses. .

3. Secured Loan Brokers

Sometimes you'll need collateral to get a short-term business loan, and while sometimes regular lenders such as banks will offer these kinds of loans, you might be better served going to other lenders such as pawn shops or jewelry brokers, or better yet to car title lenders. Both pawn or jewelry brokers and title lenders work similarly in that you offer an item as collateral, and in return they offer a short-term loan for it that usually lasts 30 days. But the difference with title lenders is you can actually keep the collateral (your vehicle) because they only hold the title to it. Title loans are by far the easiest loans to get since all you basically need is to own a vehicle of any make or model and have income so you can pay back the loan

How Should You Repay Your Short-Term Small Business Loan

The best policy for using a short-term loan is to repay it as quickly as possible so that you don't have to have it growing larger by the month or year. The best way to make sure it gets paid off quickly is to have it spent in areas that you know will grow your business, and not on things that may look good but won't pay the bills or build up your business's cash reserves. You should also know what the payment requirements will be and whether there are any penalties for paying it off early. Car title loans have an advantage in that they do not penalize you for paying early. It's a good idea to speak with a loan consultant if you're unsure what your payment strategy will be.

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