Title Loans in Mulberry, SC

Trying to borrow money from family or friends can be embarrassing and often does not work out so well. A better option is to get a loan from a lender like Pritchard Title Loans. We offer professional services with contracts that spell out the terms of your loan, so there won’t be any hidden surprises or confusion. You can easily get approved for title loans in Mulberry with a 30 day repayment period and a competitive interest rate. You’ll get your cash a couple of days after applying. The money is automatically deposited into your checking account, so you’re ready to use the cash to pay bills, make repairs, pay down debt or anything else you decide to spend it on. Many of our clients choose to complete the entire title loan process online, which of course saves hassles, time and money for gas. However, if you feel more comfortable meeting with us in person, you are always welcome to stop by our office in Florence to apply and qualify for a loan.

Why Consider Title Loans Mulberry Over Other Types of Loans?

Pritchard Title Loans are designed to be hassle free for our customers and they are convenient. We offer online applications for your convenience, and most bank and credit union lenders require that you come in to apply and complete an interview. Our loans pay out within a few days, but bank loans typically take weeks before you’ll see any money.

How Does the Process Work for Title Loans Mulberry?

Car title loans in Florence are essentially short-term loans, which are normally repaid in 30 days. Loans can also be rolled over if necessary. You make one payment on the due date, which includes the balance, any fees and interest. The loan is secured using the title to a vehicle, which may or may not have a clear title. Yes, it’s possible to get a loan even if you still owe on an auto loan or have bad credit.

Are There Any Kind of Requirements to Get a Loan?

  • We do require that you have verifiable income from a steady job to qualify for title loans in Mulberry.
  • Legally, you must be at least 18 to acquire a loan.
  • To secure a loan, we require the paper car title to your vehicle, which must list you as the car owner.

Where Can I Apply?

Most folks prefer the convenience of applying online for title loans in Mulberry whenever they have a few extra minutes. Of course, you can always apply in our home office location in Florence.

  • One lump sum loan payment for customer convenience.
  • You can continue to drive your vehicle as you always have.
  • We do pull credit reports on people applying for title loans in Mulberry. However, it is still possible to receive loan approval even if you have bad credit or a low credit score.
  • A 30 day loan can be rolled over up to six times to give you more time to pay off the loan.
  • You have the right to pay off your loan early any time you want if you have the money to do so. Additionally, you will not be penalized in any way or charged a fee to pay off early.
  • Loan amounts are based on the retail rate for the current fair market value of the automobile offered as collateral.
  • Customers in Mulberry and Florence enjoy easy access to our home office loan store.

Get your fast cash today, the easy way, with title loans in Mulberry.

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